Department of Biology

At the Department of Biology UP Baguio, we study the intricate structure of life in the biological realm and the marvels of our natural world.

About Us

Biology encompasses the examination of life's interconnectedness, from cellular mechanisms to whole organisms, as well as their interactions with one another and their environment.

Within the Department of Biology, there is a broad spectrum of possibilities for research and academic pursuits. Whether you are aspiring to be on the cutting edge of biomedical discovery or are dedicated to the conservation of fragile ecosystems and endangered wildlife, you will find your niche here.

The Faculty

The esteemed faculty and staff of the Department of Biology within the College of Science at UP Baguio embodies a diverse and accomplished group of experts. This collective assembly of faculty members and support staff encompasses a wide array of specialized fields, notably including microbiology, ecology, and general biology.

News & Announcements

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"Biology fieldworks provided an avenue for me to enhance my creativity, resourcefulness, leadership, and teamwork skills. It was such a remarkable experience to apply concepts learned in the classroom to the real world while exploring the wonders of nature."
Dr. Roselyn D. Solomon
BS Biology, 2016 (Magna Cum Laude),
UP Baguio
Doctor of Medicine, 2021, UP Manila
"Learning the various fields of Biology from brilliant faculty members who have their own expertise and exemplified honor and excellence not only in class but also in their causes was one of the aspects of the BS Biology program that had the most significant impact on my academic and personal growth during my time as a student."
Dr. Ailyn F. Fadriquela
BS Biology, 2007, UP Baguio DOST- Balik Scientist Awardee 2023, UP Baguio
"As a BS Biology student, I believe that having socially aware professors has had the most significant impact on me, whether it's for academic purposes or personal growth. While I can learn about any biology-related topic at any time, it's the insights of these professors that have supplemented these courses, ultimately making them more significant and impactful."
Mx. Cathleen Gaea De Guzman
BS Biology (Ecology and Systematics)
UP Baguio Chair, University Student Council, UP Baguio