Department of Biology


The Department of Biology has a wide range of tools and materials for research in areas like ecology, microbiology, and general biology. We use a digital inventory system to keep track of our equipment and supplies. We also have labs available for class activities and research by both students and faculty.

Instructional Laboratories and Lecture Rooms

These lecture rooms are used primarily for teaching service courses such as Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics. Biology courses that do not have laboratory components are also taught in these lecture rooms.
Smart Classroom IB 204 is a technologically enhanced classroom designed to facilitate a more interactive, collaborative, and efficient educational experience. It is equipped with a whiteboard for digital displays, and adjustable and multifunctional furniture to accommodate different learning activities and preferences, promoting flexibility and adaptability in the classroom setup. This room has access to reliable high-speed internet connectivity that enables access to online resources.
IB 106, IB 107, and IB 108 are equipped with tools and equipment that are necessary for the conduct of analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, and biochemistry classes, respectively.
Vertebrate Zoology Lab IB 109 is used primarily for Vertebrate zoology classes. The room is equipped with formica tables for animal dissection activities, and vertebrate zoology samples important for students to gain insights into vertebrate anatomy and physiology.
Physics Laboratory IB 111 is used for Physics laboratory courses that serves as a prerequisite to more advanced biology courses for BS Biology students.

Invertebrate Zoology Laboratory

KA 101 has several preserved specimens, including coral remains, and aquariums designed for sample collection and observation. It is equipped with granite tables, which provide a stable and durable surface for detailed examination of specimens.

Thesis Room KA 102 currently serves as a space where students conduct their undergraduate thesis projects. This room is equipped with various tools and equipment, such as distillation units and laminar flow hoods. This room has a dedicated weighing room, which houses an analytical balance, digital top loading balance, and various microbial growth media.
Botany and Ecology & Systematics Laboratory KA 103 is also equipped with granite tables which provide a stable platform for students’ experiments, such as microscopy, ensuring a conducive learning environment. Clay models of plant cells and several phycology specimens are also displayed.
Microbiology Laboratory KA 201 has granite tables and several equipment important for microbiology class activities, such as autoclaves, incubators, refrigerators, and a biosafety cabinet. This lab is equipped with an aseptic room, a specialized space designed to maintain a contaminant-free environment.
Genetics and General Biology Laboratory KA 202 serves as a versatile space where a wide range of general biology experiments, including Genetics, that do not require specialized equipment are conducted here. The spacious area, along with the granite tables, provides ample room for hands-on exploration of biological concepts.
Cell and Molecular Biology Laboratory KA 203 is primarily used for Cell and Molecular Biology classes. Experiments such as DNA extraction and amplification, using specialized equipment like the refrigerated centrifuge, thermal cycler, gel-electrophoresis, and UV Trans-illuminator are conducted here. It is also equipped with a microplate reader, and an aseptic room, which houses a biosafety cabinet—an essential tool for handling sensitive samples safely and with precision.

Biology Instruments Room and Database System (BIRDS 2.0)